Dolls by Zealothia Valentine
Content Warning on Doll's Profiles:
Death, Crime, Death, Grief, Rape, Violence, Blood, PTSD.

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Name - Yuu
Doll Sculpt - Dollzone Yuu-2 Tan
Hair/Eyes - Silver/Silver
Nicknames - Yuu, Argo
Age - 25
Origin - China
Species - Human
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Biromantic Heterosexual
Quirks & features - Stealth, Storytelling, a bit of magic and Cursed with the Demise curse, a reality shifting nightmare.

Doll Sculpt Name – Dollzone Yuu-2 Tan Skin, Fullset.
Full Name – Lei Jin Yuu
Meaning of Name – Silver, Hero
Nickname – Yuu, Diego possuído pelo ritmo ragatanga, Storm Boy, GyuDon, Argo
Birth Date — 03.10.1990
Astrological Sign and Details — Libra. Just, Elegant, Diplomat. Proud, Bold, Perfectionist
Birth Place — China
Age – 25
Nationality – Chinese
Race – Human
Hair Color – Silver
Hair Style — Long with a fringe parted from the right
Shape and Features of Face — Long angular nose, thin lips, arched eyebrows, droopy eyes and long eyelashes.
Glasses or Contacts – None.
Eye Color – Grey
Skin Tone — Tan
Scars or Distinguishing Marks — Two scars on the left cheek.
Disabilities — None, but due to the curse, in some years he'll become schizophrenic.
Build or Body Type — Tall, Slender, slightly athletic.
Height — 1,70m
Weight — 80 kg
Speech Patterns — Very educated, waits for others to speak first. Then he speaks in a calm tone, first stating important things, and then his opinions, but if asked his opinions he is straight foward. Always asks 'how are you doing, how’s family, how was your day, project, work going’. Likes to tell stories, but will only do so if asked or if he has the time to.
Gestures — Waving of head to express his feelings and thoughts while listening to others, while talking he points at stuff and if excited, gestures to show exactly what is going on in his head, ex: size of things, the gesture he made at the time, how fast where things. May swing his heels if bored, while talking. He touches his hair a lot, while concentranting, or turning to attend to someone, or before bowing down to pick something… a lot. He rests his hands on his knees if sitting or kneeling. If crouching, he puts his fingertips in the ground, wide spread.
Weakness — Animals. He does not hurt them, and seeing them being hurt makes him lose his mind. He dropkicks anyone that scares an animal.
Special Abilities or Powers — Agility, he knows a lot about precious jewels and stuff. Swordsmanship, Taekwondo.
Family and Childhood: Had Parents and uncle, brother to his father, left them all in China. Also had a grandmother (from the mother's side), Fukui Megohime, whom he lived with while in Japan.
Mother — Lei (Fukui) Makoto
Father – Lei Meng
Mother’s Occupation – Jewel Designer
Father’s Occupation – Banker
Family Finances – They did not show off, but they were very rich. Not milionaires, but rich enough to have a few people in the house staff.
Birth Order – First his father, then his mother, then his uncle, then him.
Siblings – None
Other Close Family – His Uncle Lei Hui.
Best Friend – He was really introverted as a kid. But he was friends with the butler’s daughter, Mei Bi
Other Friends – He had a pet, a greyhound dog called Arget. It was striped and used an orange scarf.
Enemies — The guy who tortured him and a girl, the night he got his scar. Yuu stopped pursuing him after deciding to change his life.
Pets – Nowadays he has a Short-Haired Siamese-Balinese female cat named Minty and a Ragdoll female cat named Jess
Home Life During Childhood — He was quiet and very cherished by his parents, who spoiled him a bit, but treated him and raised him to be a sympathetic, humble person. The three of them were really close. Yuu liked to try out new hobbies as soon as he found out about them, but everytime he found something more interesting, he would drop whatever he was into. He got his martial sword training from his uncle. His father thought it was dangerous, but he figured that being a son of rich parents it was better for his safety. At a very young are he got curious about he jewel-crafting job of his mother. He is not great with jewels himself, but he knows which metal is which, which stone is which and so on. He even worked with his mother, but he was not excepcionally good at it.
Town or City Name(s) – Beijing
What Did His Bedroom Look Like — His bedroom had tons of shelves with all the things that remained from the hobbies Yuu tried. Books, figures, art and crafts, dvds, posters, games… he has a bit of everything and he prizes them all, he thinks those are good memories. He has some metal-stone artpieces given to him by friends of his family, and he loves them too, even though he is a lot less sentimental about those.
Any Sports or Clubs – He likes Archery, and was really good at handball, but stopped practicing when he decided to try out Chess.
Favorite Toy or Game – His favorite toy was articulated dinosaurs, horses and other animals. He would make paper dolls of his family and put those to ride his toys. When he grew up he was really into video-games, being Star Fox his very favorite title.
Schooling – He was homeschooled.
Favorite Subject — History and Sociology.
Popular or Loner – N/A at school, but usually popular in other situations.
Important Experiences or Events – Once he felt so guilty of falling asleep in class he did an essay about an entire chapter of biology by himself. He got almost everything wrong, but later realised that didn’t help and decided to be more organized so his activities would not go wrong or had to be rushed.
Health Problems – None.
Culture — His culture is kind of abrangent, as he absorbed a bit of every place he has been.
Religion and beliefs – Yuu is not a religious person. He has some beliefs, but never talks much about it.
Bad Habits – Being indiferent about his social life, big spender, spoiling his cats, defending random people in the streets, driving too fast, drinking.
Good Habits – Cleaning, being sociable, eating healty, fitness, being organized
Best Characteristic – His Diligence.
Worst Characteristic – His Pride.
Worst Memory – When he saw a girl get raped and killed.
Best Memory – When he helped a horse give birth.
Proud of – His body and martial skills.
Embarrassed by – How tall he is, and when old people call him gorgeous.
Driving Style – He is very respectful of laws, but he drives too fast. Sometimes he makes shortcuts and ends up lost.
Strong Points – His respectfulness, his strenght, his diplomacy.
Temperament – He is very calm and paced, he planes everything before hand, so he does not have to rush anything. But when something angers him, he tries to talk things trough. if not, he kick’s the person’s ass, nto really caring about anything else. In other words, he is very patient, but when he s irritated to an extent, he loses his mind completely and will only be satisfied by fighting the other person until he wins.
Attitude – He is nice and kind to everyone, and specially kind to the people he interacts on a daily basis, even if not related to him. He is calm and doesn’t mind a lot of things, but he can’t stand seing other people get mistreated and do nothing. If he presences bullying, mistreatment, disrespects of any kind, he loses his mind and jumps in to defend the victim, often making sure the victim will be ok before facing the agressor and fighting them. He may even go as far as 'letting the agressor go’ and then pursuing them and making them pay after.
Fears – He is afraid of forgetting important stuff, even though it doesn’t happen much, he is very very uncomfortable in crowds, it’s almost a phobia.
Phobias – He tries to conceal it just so it won’t haunt his life, but when sexual violence or abuse is mentioned, he gets uncomfortable, he can’t stand it.
Secrets — Yuu’s biggest secret is that he is a ninja. Only his uncle knows that. He wish he could say that to his parents, but it’s dangerous as it is.
Regrets — He regrets not being able to save some people he saw in his missions, especially animals and the girl who was taken hostage and killed right in front of him.
Feels Vulnerable When — When he can’t prevent death or can’t be subtle. He is a skilled ninja, but if other people’s lives are on the line, or he can’t make his move without exposing himself, he feels pretty angry and hopeless.
Pet Peeves — People without class, like, chewing with their mouth open or littering. And, late night phonecalls. Also, interrupting his bath means he won’t talk to you for weeks.
Conflicts — Some people around his neighborhood don’t like him, they think of him as intimidating ans snobbish because he is very classy and organized, he may even hint people to do what’s right (ex: if he sees a dog peeing in his front yard, he will go and talk to the owner of the dog, etc.)
Motivation — His motivation is that he can always make his best work and save someone. When he is very sad-depressed, only his cats or other animals can cheer him up, that is why he likes being with animals. At the very bottom, he thinks that life if worth living because he will get to meet other animals and treat them well.
Short Term Goals and Hopes — He most basically works as a ninja, but he is trying to become an interior design, so it would cover him better. Also, he wants to try at least not kill the plants he put in his new house because he wants to show them to his mother through discord calls.
Long Term Goals and Hopes — Yuu actually wants to find bigger goals in his life, he feels aimless. Other than that, he is trying to write a book of a dream he had once.
Sexuality — Heterosexual Biromantic.
Exercise Routine — He runs and does fitness at morning, comes back to do house chores, and by noon and evening he trains with his sword and martial arts. By night he does his missions or meditation.
Day or Night Person — He doesn’t really have a preference. But he uses night more for relaxing, reading and meditation.
Introvert or Extrovert – He was really introverted when young, but now he’s just quieter than the average person.
Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist
Likes and Styles - He can wear very elegant outfits when needed, but if it’s up to him, he would wear edgier looks, like leather jackets, bootcut jeans, and scarves. He loves to add metallic accents to his clothes, often with studs or buckles.
Music — He loves instrumental music, for training, meditation and for his baths. Other than that he likes heavy metal. Occasionally he listens to electronic too.
Books — He loves fantasy and historical books. It’s hard for him to pick a favorite.
Magazines — He likes fitness magazines.
Foods — Yuu eats very healthy. His favorite tea is white tea, he likes any food with auberguines, and his guilty pleasure are marshmallows.
Drinks — He drinks wine on dates, and drinks a lot more when in raves. Other than that, he drinks juice, tea and water a lot.
Animals — He loves animals a lot, he has two cats already mentioned. His favorite animals though are ride-able animals like horses or elephants. (Million of years in the future, he is meant to have a Giraffe called Juji)
Sports — He once was really good at Handball. He would like to try Tennis.
ocial Issues — People often say Yuu is a boring, bossy and justice white knight. It makes him mad when someone says that, but the is not really trying to change that because he believes he is doing the right thing.
Favorite Saying – 'If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing at all’.
Color — He likes Silver the most, but will use a lot of black too. Sometimes, red or navy blue.
Clothing – His clothes are always neat, but edgy. He can dress very very classy, but if it’s not needed he will wear something a little more rebelious, with black jeans, leather and metal.
Jewelry — He uses metalic chains and bracelets. Mostly silver or copper, though. He thinks gold doesn’t suit him.
Games — He likes Chess but it’s not all that good at it, he likes sports but only plays for fun, and he liked videogames too, being Star Fox his favorite title ever.
Websites – Yuu has a facebook, and a Instagram.
TV Shows – He doesn’t watch much tv, but enjoys nature and cooking shows.
Movies — Yuu often forgets to go and see the movies, so he ends up watch whatever is on tv. He loved Star Wars and some anime movies like Samurai X and Naruto.
Greatest Want — He wants badly a decent garden. Also he thinks it’s about time he boutgh some new clothes. He is looking for a girlfriend, but not that eagerly. Also he earns to leave his past well locked behind him.
Greatest Need — Yuu’s bathtub is really really old and he should probably get another one soon or else he won’t have a pleasant surprise. Also, his cats destroyed yet anoter scratching post. He needs to make some friends too, or else his life will suffer.
Actual Residence - He lives in Brasil, São Paulo, SP, Zone North. He wants to restart his life, unsure to how actually do it.
Home — His house is not big, but it’s very pretty, just like the other houses by his street. It’s lilac and has a huge grassy garden.
Household furnishings — His living room has a huge chocolate colored sofa, and cherry wood furniture. A lot of carpets and a huge tv for him to play his games, which doubles as his computer screen. His bathroom is minty and white, and his kitchen has white electronics, and the tiles are black, burgrundy and white. His whole house is either modern looking, or very natural with wood and stones.
Favorite Possession — His favorite possession is a mug with little ninjas on it, they only appear when the mug is hot.
Most Cherished Possession — Yuu loves his shurikens, gifted to him by a veteran of his clan whom he really used to look up to.
Neighborhood — His neighbors are all retired or enterprise owners. He is very friendly to all of them, despite the treatment he recieves.
Married Before — No.
Significant Other Before — He once had a girlfriend when he was in Japan, but broke up with her due to being afraid she could be harmed by his ninja business. Also, he thought she had tons of friends and nice people around her, she was always at the center of attention and didn’t need him. Her name is Watanabe Yuki, and she actually misses him, even though she is happy with a new boyfriend. They dated for almost three years, started when Yuu was 16 and she was 15.
Children — None. (In the future he is bound to have a girl named Styx, and a genderfluid named River)
Relationship with Family — Him and his parents are still very close like always. They do skype calls when possible. His mother suspects Yuu might be doing something dangerous, but she does not know he’s a ninja.
Best Friend — Yuu is still adapting his social life to Brasil, and he has only a friend girl named Zealothia. They met at a mall when she was the only one to speak to him and give him a tour through the mall. They speak in english with each other, but she is trying to learn Japanese so they can interact more. He also is really fond of another friend of him, Vivienne. They met on her family's vacation to England, and helped him adjust to english.
Other Friends – Yuu met some of Zealothia’s friends, including a boy that works in the mall with her, but still Yuu considers Zealothia his closest friend right now, since him and Bi barely talk now.
Enemies — Hid, the Master of the ninja clan involved in mafia, and the one to cut his face and kill that girl.
Car — He has a Silver Picanto.
Career — He does codes and keeps track of the marketing his mother's business needs.
Salary — His money comes from the job he does maintaining his mother’s online gallery and jewel store.
Other Income — None. (Will be a DJ in some years)
Dream Career — He thought being a ninja would be the best choice for him, but he is actually re-thinking it, for seeing people suffer is damaging his mind. So he is unsure.
Dream Life — He would love to live by the mountains, as the caretaker of a horse farm. He just didn’t pursue it earlier because he still works for his family and his ninja clan.
Love Life — He sometimes goes out with some stranger girls just to have fun, but he has nothing serious with none of them, even though he may go out multiple times with the same girl and even gets very physical with them, he knows nothing serious is bound to happen between him and any of those girls.
Sexual Turn Ons — Bondage, see through clothing, dancing.
Sexual Turn Offs — Rude people, slapping, certain kinks (he does not like when girls call him daddy).

Hobbies — He likes medidation, books, he tries cooking different things but it’s not quite a hooby, and he likes to play with his cats a lot. He is still into video games.
Guilty Pleasure — He loves marshmallows. He could eat a ton in a day even though he is really into healthy food. Also, he loves to braid the hair of people when hugging them.
Talents or Skills — He is very stealthy and good with his sword. His cooking is actually very good, and he is very sensitive. He knows when someone is sad or lying. He is also good at story telling, keeping people interested and engaged in his tales.
Intelligence Level — He is very, very inteligent, even if he doesn’t look like so.
Greatest Strength — His sense of justice is his greatest strenght, even if it has caused him some trouble.
Greatest Weakness — When he loses his cool, it’s trouble for sure. He is not afraid to go fighting for what he thinks it’s wrong.
Your Character’s Life Before Your Story - He was born to a rich family, was withdrawn and homeschooled, at the age of 15 begun his ninja training, and is working with that ever since, but he took sometime to visit Japan and USA. He went to Brasil and decided to stay here for he was feeling kind of aimless with his life, even with his ninja missions.
Past Careers — He used to work with his mother in jewelry design.
Biggest Mistakes — Turning into a ninja. Now he realises this is no way of bringing justice to the world.
Biggest Achievements — His body tidyness and athleticness.
Trivia — He once had an encounter with Stefanie, the Cursed Soul. She is a girl, contaminated by the Demise curse, a reality shifting nightmare. It pulls his mind into a hallucination of turning everything bad, shocking and unrecognizable, draining life force and mental health from it's host. Happily, he is rarely affected by it, triggered only by his fears.
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+SILVER-BLADE-YUU+ Yuu is a DollZone Yuu, with B70-001 body. Don’t blame me on the name, I think it sounds perfect!
He was bought on Oct 3rd, 2012, on Mint on Card. Arriven in 27, April, 2014.
Doll’s information
Skintone is Tan.
-Height: 70cm
-Head: 24cm
-Eyes: 18mm
-Shoulder Width: 16cm
-Arm Length: 19cm
-Chest: 26cm
-Waist: 20.5cm
-Hips: 27.8cm
-Leg Length: 35cm
-Ankle: 10cm
-Foot Length: 8.2cm

Courteous: Sometimes
Risk-Taking: Generally
Ambitious: Typically
Curious: Sometimes
Self-Controlled: Generally
Nurturing: Generally
Trusting: Often
Honest: Generally
Loyal: Occasionally
Affectionate: Usually
Romantic: Generally
Flirty: Sometimes
Sympathetic: Generally
Altruistic: Rarely
Optimistic: Rarely
Observant: Typically
Logical: Generally
Social: Somewhat shy
Emotions: Usually controlled


Name - Maxwell
Doll Sculpt - Soom Dracula Amor
Hair/eyes - Black/Red
Nicknames - Max, Matte, Vamp, Badboy, MAMBF
Age - "34"
Origin - England
Species - Vampire
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Pansexual
Quirks & features - Super strenght, super speed, being able to see in the dark, being undead.

Doll Sculpt Name – White Resin Soom Dracula Amor / Gluino Vampire Alchemist + Spiritdoll Herculean 80cm Male Body + Spiritdoll 80cm Jointed Hands

Full Name – Maxwell Adaline Mahoney Brockschmidt Fallonworth

Meaning of Name – Great Stream, Nobility, descendant of Bear, Smith who lives by a brook or a river, Leaderworth

Nickname – Max, Matte, Infernale, MAMBF, Vamp, Badboy and Ada Honey is his Drag Queen name.

Birth Date — 31.10.1901

Astrological Sign and Details — Scorpio: Idealist, Passionate, Dinamic | Suspicious, Unyielding, Manipulative

Birth Place — Falstone, Northumberland, North of England.

Age – Stuck at 34.

Nationality – English

Race – Vampire

Hair Color – Black

Hair Style — Spiky with mullet

Shape and Features of Face — Angular and sleek face, pointy nose, small eyes, thin and sharp eyebrows.

Glasses or Contacts – Occasionally wears black or brown contacts to hide his red eyes.

Eye Color – Red

Skin Tone — Very very pale, almost white.

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — Several tattoos, scars on left side of neck.

Build or Body Type — Muscular, Tall.

Height — 1,85m

Weight — 122kg

Speech Patterns — Speaks very flirtly and gentleman like. Upon rage cusses a lot.

Gestures — Speaks a lot with his hands, if not, he has his hands oh his hips. If embarassed, he rests his hands on his neck or shoulders.

Weakness — Sunlight, garlic, not being invited to parties

Special Abilities or Powers — Super strenght, super speed, being able to see in the dark, being 'dead' (no need for rest or food for really long periods)

Mother — Máiréad Mahoney Brockschmidt Fallonworth

Father – Brennan Adaline Fallonworth

Mother’s Occupation – House keeping, Inn owner

Father’s Occupation – Owner of Cattle and Dairy production

Family Finances – Very wealthy for their region, but nothing that would give them such and elevated status.

Birth Order – Brennan, Máiréad and their kids: Oscar, Maxwell, Florence, Willbur and Agnes.

Siblings – 1 younger brother and one older brother: Willbur and Oscar, and 2 younger sisters: Florence and Agnes Cantrala

Other Close Family – Too many cousins to count.

Best Friend – Erisdar

Other Friends – Cedric Cullen, his childhood friend.

Enemies — Catholic & other churches.

Pets – His family had a dog named Biscuit

Home Life During Childhood — His childhood was spent among his 2 brothers and 4 sisters.

What Did His Bedroom Look Like — His room was shared with other 2 brothers, his side was always clean an organized, while his brother's weren't as much. He had grey, blue and brown bed sheets he slept near the window and liked to watch the moon change.

Any Sports or Clubs – He liked to play football with his brothers.

Favorite Toy or Game – A wooden train

Schooling – As a kid he attended a good school, he majored in engineering, but at the course of the years, he attended countless colleges, studying various subjects, including arts such as dances.

Favorite Subject — Geography and Biology

Popular or Loner – He's always been popular wherever he went, but he had very few close friends.

Important Experiences or Events – Meeting Erisdar, Being turned into a vampire, losing his family to a fire, finally settling in with with Erisdar in Brazil.

Health Problems – Now he has none, but he was very susceptible to breathing problems before being turned into a vampire.

Culture — He absorbed many different cultures with the passing of the years and his travels, even if English culture is still the strongest in him.

Religion and beliefs – Max is not too religious, but has knowledge of Pagan culture (mostly Wicca) and satanism.

Bad Habits – Fighting, Drinking, Stealing, Messing with humans for fun (including seducing them), not dealing right with feelings, bad puns.

Good Habits – Being resourceful and helpful, making people smile.

Best Characteristic – His Confidence.

Worst Characteristic – How he can't control his anger.

Worst Memory – His fights with Erisdar, the loss of his human friends and family.

Best Memory – Many discoveries he made in his travels, when he and Erisdar were dating, the vampire raves.

Proud of – Maxwell's Seducing skills.

Embarrassed by – Forgetting he's a vampire with weaknesses.

Driving Style – He is exceptionally good at driving, as he worked as a chauffer most of his life, mostly to famous singers. When driving for himself he drives a bit slow, enjoying the ride.

Strong Points – Helpful, willing to risk himself to friends, Fun loving.

Temperament – He is easy going, and pretty forgiving, but if he realises that you want to annoy him (and he will notice), he is going to rage real hard. He might forgive you if you apologize and do something fun for him.

Attitude – Sassy and sexy, but with a heart of gold.

Fears – He has a fear of fire, even if he controls himself. He has a fear of losing his mortal friends, but won't admit it. He is also afraid of losing Erisdar, but doesn't know how to work his feelings around what happened between them.

Phobias – While it's not a phobia, he feels really uncomfortable near Catholic people, symbols, places. For example, a church fully loaded with people praying will make him sweat like a sinner in church (ba dum tss)

Secrets — His relationship with Erisdar, the fact that he actually likes to wear dresses and feminine clothes-underwear

Regrets — Not loving his family while he still could, losing money in bad luck games

Feels Vulnerable When — When he is hungry, near the sun, when Malinda is angry.

Pet Peeves — When people want to annoy him, obnoxious people that know they're obnoxious and still won't change.

Conflicts — He has more conflicts within himself than bar fights. Also he and Erisdar are always in an 'on again off again' kind of situation.

Motivation — He 'lives' to enjoy the ride of his unlife, enjoying people while they last.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — He wants to train himself to be more tolerant to heat and light, and also train Tap dancing.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — Lecture people on history.

Sexuality — Pansexual.

Exercise Routine — He dances almost daily, but mostly for fun than for exercising, since he doesn't need to exercise nothing except maybe for his stealth, which he trains with Yuu.

Day or Night Person — Night person. He doesn't always sleeps by day, but is still motly active by dusk.

Introvert or Extrovert – He is quite the extrovert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Maxwell is mostly neutral, if something he likes to be Optimist just for funsies.

Likes and Styles - He has a dark, urban style.

Music — He likes Heavy Metal and Pop, like Black Veil Brides and Shakira.

Books — He read countless books, but loves Anne Rice.

Magazines — He barely if ever reads those.

Foods — He can eat almost anything he could as a human, except for garlic. He likes Orange juice and Pop Rocks, but mostly he drinks blood.

Drinks — He likes white wine, and red wine to fake he's drinking blood. But to be honest he already had more different alchoolic drinks he can remember.

Animals — He would love to have a pet, but knows it just wouldn't work well.

Sports — He isn't too athletic but plays anything for fun.

Social Issues — People are mostly afraid of him.

Favorite Saying – "You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means" -The Princess Bride

Color — He likes Red and Indigo, but mostly uses Black, White, and Redish colors like burgrundy.

Clothing – He likes to wear Jeans or Cargo shorts, Tank tops, boots or sneakers, and has no trouble dressing classy.

Jewelry — Max likes to wear gold jewels, sometimes with rubys or Fire Breath Opals, but only wears lots of it when dancing.

Games — He likes a lot of games, but his favorite is OFF. He is mostly into PC gaming or Kinect games.

Websites – He has a facebook and youtube channel where he posts videos of him dancing, on wich he has to wear make up on his body or else he won't show on camera.

TV Shows – He doesn't watch much TV, except for movies. Even though he is addicted to Youtube

Movies — He loves musicals, specially Sweeney Todd. But his ultimate favorite movie is Dracula from 1931.

Greatest Want — A chopper motorcycle

Greatest Need — Better equipment and make up to film his dance moves.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now - He mostly sleeps in his car, visiting Yuu, Malinda or Erisdar when he need a shower.

Favorite Possession — Malinda gave him a wallet chain with a locket and a picture of her inside. He thought that was very funny and cute.

Most Cherished Possession — Max adores the magic bottle pendant shaped like a skull Erisdar gave him.

Married Before — Married two girls, both deceased by now.

Significant Other Before — He dated humans, vampires and elves, but he dated Erisdar for the longest time.

Children — None, he can't have them.

Relationship with Family — He is pretty tight with his new group of friends.

Best Friend — Erisdar and Malinda

Other Friends – Zealothia, Yuu, Vivienne, Dahlia, Tatsuya and Jade.

Enemies — None he can remember, but they're all bar owners.

Car — He has a Black Towner.

Career — He worked as a Chauffer most of his life, but he also worked in a circus with Malinda; and in Raves/ Bars.

Salary — He still wins money by being a chaffeur or late night uber.

Other Income — Sometimes he drives funerary cars and vampire taxi.

Dream Career — He would like to open a Vampire Night Club, maybe even perform in there.

Dream Life — He would like to finally solve his problems with Erisdar and find a way for his friends to stop dying.

Love Life — He is friends with benefits with Erisdar, and loves a one night stand.

Sexual Turn Ons — Singing, Dancing, Flirting, Nice sense of humour....... it's easier to list things that don't turn him on.

Sexual Turn Offs — Being demanding, insecure, annoying, lack of hygiene, garlic breath.

Hobbies — He likes to draw tattoos, even if he isn't planning them for himself.

Guilty Pleasure — Hearing people's last breath when he drinks their blood.

Talents or Skills — He is very skilled in belly dancing and tango.

Intelligence Level — He is Genius Brilliant, but often forgets about it.

Greatest Strength — His sexyness, persuasion, Vampire powers.

Greatest Weakness — Vampire weaknesses, his sassy sense of humour and uncontrollable temper.

Past Careers —

Biggest Mistakes — Fighting with Erisdar, not being forgiving and sincere enough about it.

Biggest Achievements — His skills.

Trivia — Maxwell likes being a man, and is predominantly masculine, but sometimes he may 'dress up' more feminine, and he has a huge grudge on his father for being so close minded, and wonders how his own eternal unlife would have been if he didn't need to define his gender.
Sometimes he performs with Malinda, but as a Drag Queen called Ada Mahoney. They usually dance togheter, but he tries not to speak too much while in drag because he isn't very keen on pitching his voice up.
Him and Malinda are close like brother and sister, often caring for one another even from afar. But he thinks he isn't fit to help her sometimes, thinking he is only dragging her back in life, being unable to get a hold of his own life sometimes.
He is very unaware of his supernatural vampire abilities and powers, but he's far too subborn to accept someone as his master. He would never be submissive intellectually to someone, no matter how much he knows that person is wiser than him.
Maxwell's voice is a lot like David Michael Bennett, specially in this video: Sia - Cellophane (Cover by Steam Powered Giraffe)
The Vampire that killed and transformed Maxwell is Delilah Morreo.
In Vampire the Masquerade, he would likely be a Temerian Vampire.


Name - Erisdar
Doll Sculpt - Granado Andy Head + Soom The Crow Body
Hair/eyes - Black/Indigo and Brown
Nicknames - Eris, Fae
Age - "24", actually he is 105.
Origin - Canada
Species - Dark Fae
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Demisexual
Quirks & features - Vast knowledge about nature, Talks with animals, Shadow Magic, Flight

Doll Sculpt Name – Soom The Crow+ Granado Andy head

Full Name – Erisdar

Meaning of Name – Swift

Nickname – Fae, Eris (Only Maxwell calls him: Ravie, Crowie)

Birth Date — 13.01.1907

Astrological Sign and Details — Capricorn: Ambitious, Organized, Sincere | Detached, Self-centered, Stubborn

Birth Place — Alma, Quebec, Canada

Age – 105, fakes being 24

Nationality – Canadian

Race – Fae

Hair Color – Black and Blue

Hair Style — Wavy, with an indigo 'Underdye'

Shape and Features of Face — Big lips, relaxed eyes, dramatic eyebrows, average nose, triangle shaped face, pointy ears.

Glasses or Contacts – Wears protection googles often.

Eye Color – Brown

Skin Tone — Grey

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — Though his skin heals very quickly, he has some darkened spots from how much Max bites him.

Build or Body Type — Slender body, defined muscles, broad shoulders.

Height — 1,65m

Weight — 58kg

Speech Patterns — He is very very polite when talking, and even if you think he isn't listening, he is.

Gestures — Often 'floating', biting lips, playing with fingers, when sitting (and not flying) he scraches the ground with his claws.

Weakness — Beauty Curse, Weak against industral pollution and Iron.

Special Abilities or Powers — Flight, Shadow Magic, extensive knowledge about potion making, including teas, plants, infusions, natural ingredients. Specially good at healing people and animals, studying how to treat mystical creatures as well.Talks to animals.

Family and Childhood - Detached to them a century ago.

Other Close Family – Lived with Maxwell for many years.

Best Friend – Maxwell.

Enemies — The cashier lady at the grocery store.

Pets – He doesn't have pets, but loves birds, even taking care of the birds that leave near his building.

Home Life During Childhood — He spent his youth in a faery circle in Canada, in a cipress forest, taking care of animals and learning about plants more than practicing his magic.

Town or City Name(s) – He lived in a Fae circle known as Rond Lac, in Alma, Canada.

Details of Town(s) or City(s) — Rond Lac had many Forest, Ice and Water faeries, but abranged all kinds of faes.

What Did His Bedroom Look Like — He used to live inside a Rock Maple tree along with other faery families, but his 'bedroom' had many feathers, scales, fallen teeth and claws, given to him by the animals he took care of.

Any Sports or Clubs – Aside from Flying Erisdar doesn't exercise at all.

Favorite Toy or Game – his favorite toy was a boat made of wood and maple leaves.

Schooling – He learnt a lot with his fae comunity, but upon growing older he attended several colleges, mostly studying fauna and flora sciences.

Favorite Subject — Biodiversity

Popular or Loner – He is mostly a Loner, often found in the 'rejects club'.

Important Experiences or Events –

Health Problems – None, even if he isn't stallion strong he isn't feeble or weak either.

Culture — His fae culture is still strong in him, stronger than Canadian culture.

Religion and beliefs – He doesn't fully understands the concept of a religion, as the only thing sacred to him is Nature.

Bad Habits – Forgetting human manners, pranking, being too sensitive, lying.

Good Habits – Being caring, being studious, caring for the world's future.

Best Characteristic – Smart

Worst Characteristic – Oversensitive

Worst Memory – When Maxwell broke up with him, when Maxwell turned to a vampire.

Best Memory – Taking Maxwell to a midnight flight above frozen Lake District National Park, England.

Proud of – His Ability to help people with nature.

Embarrassed by – How untrained and weak his magic powers are.

Driving Style – He barely drives, if at all. He isn't good enough to drive near or with people.

Strong Points – Being Smart, being funny, being generous.

Temperament – Calm, until you invade his privacy and force intimacy, such as kissing him without asking, invading his room, etc.

Attitude – Snarky, but friendly.

Fears – Being rejected, hurting innocents.

Phobias – No strong phobia except for a strong despise of pollution.

Secrets — Still madly in love with Maxwell, his secret laboratory.

Regrets — Regrets being attached too much at one person.

Feels Vulnerable When — When the wind is too strong, when he is not able to heal someone.

Pet Peeves — When people invade his privacy, littering, the way humans think they know so much about nature.

Conflicts — He isn't too good at faking humanity, so sometimes people think bad of him.

Motivation — Hopes for a better future where he can help not only wilderness, but other mystical creatures like him.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — Finish this Biomedicin college, find a better place to live with Vivi and maybe Maxwell.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — Reunite or give up on Maxwell, help mystical creatures who need to live in the city.

Sexuality — Demisexual.

Exercise Routine — He does not exercise at all.

Day or Night Person — He can go awake for as long as needed, but he is more of a evening person.

Introvert or Extrovert – Introvert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Pessimist

Likes and Styles - He wears mostly comfortable clothes, and jewelry with stones or feathers on them.

Music — He loves instrumental music, but recently found a band he liked a lot, called Omnia.

Books — He spends a lot of time buried in scientific books, Vivi tried to get him into trying other types of literature, but he just didn't pay too much thought about these.

Magazines — Erisdar only reads those to 'act more human'.

Foods — He prefers Vegan cooking, but it's not a must to him. He eats a lot of cereals, but his comfort food is Pancakes with Maple Syrup.

Drinks — He drinks a lot of juice and tea, despises Soda. He prefers fermented alchoolic drinks to destiled.

Animals — His favorite animals are Owls, but he loves a lot of other animals too.

Sports — While he is not an athlete himself, he finds snow sports fun to watch.

Social Issues — People in the neighborhood find him a weirdo, even if they don't dislike him, they tend to avoid his presence, save for a few nannyes who find him 'quite the handsome boy, has a way with flowers!'

Favorite Saying – Not in MY garden!

Color — Teal, Grey, Brown.

Clothing – Usually seen wearing shorts and tank tops.

Jewelry — He loves copper and brass jewelry, but barely wears any. He never gets near iron, though, as it would burn him.

Games — He doesn't care much about games, but finds racing games fun.

Websites – He has a facebook, but barely uses it.

TV Shows – Erisdar likes rural shows, much to Vivi's dismay.

Movies — He likes Narnia movies, but only watched those with friends.

Greatest Want — More precious stones and crystals.

Greatest Need — More vials and containers for his potions.

Household furnishings — Most of the house's furniture is off white, made of wood, for Erisdar's safety.

Favorite Possession — A smoky quartz Maxwell gave him.

Most Cherished Possession — His Grimoire.

Neighborhood — He doesn't see most of his neighborhood, nor does he care much about them, he spends most of his time home.

Married Before — No.

Significant Other Before — Before he and Maxwell had a relationship, Erisdar had a crush on agender fae from his ring.

Children — No.

Relationship with Family — He is very very detached from his family.

Best Friend — Vivi and Dahlia are becoming closer to him.

Other Friends – He is also spending more time with Tatsuya and Zee.

Enemies — The cashier lady at the grocery store always makes fun of him for being weird.

Car — He doesn't have one.

Career — He works in a 'natural' shop, it's the only place to really admit him, given he knows so much about plants.

Salary — He makes enough, but then again he isn't one to shop recklessly.

Dream Career — Erisdar has been wondering about writing down his knowledge of fauna and flora.

Dream Life — He plans to do so, with Maxwell.

Love Life — It's pretty much nonexistent now, save for his ever unstable friendship with benefits with Maxwell.

Sexual Turn Ons — Moaning, Cuddling, Intense Staring, Cute Nicknames

Sexual Turn Offs — Being subjulgated, making yourself 'hard to get'

Hobbies — Pranks, Potion Making, Stargazing.

Guilty Pleasure — Trying out aphrodysiacs. On other people.

Talents or Skills — Long Flights, Dynamic reading, Apothecary.

Intelligence Level — Very high

Greatest Strength — Erisdar is very smart.

Greatest Weakness — He is too sensitive.

Past Careers — He almost always worked like that.

Biggest Mistakes — Being too passive-agressive towards Maxwell, often taunting him and being unforgiving, seeing only inside his box.

Biggest Achievements — His knowledge about nature.

Trivia — It's hard to pin down if he is mischievous or nice, for even though he spent around a century with humans, He likes pranking, but he is polite, but he isn't a very open person, so.
His voice sound a lot like in this song:
A Cool Cat in Town (music by TAPE FIVE)
Malinda and him danced a lot of Rockabilly back in the day.


Name - Vivienne
Doll Sculpt - Dollchateau Lilian
Hair/eyes - Blonde with colorful streaks/Teal
Nicknames - Vivi, Musey
Age - 23
Origin - USA
Species - High Elf
Gender - Gender Fluid (She/They)
Sexuality - Bisexual
Quirks & features - Animal Talk, slight knowledge about witchcraft, has pointy ears, horns, and magical markings around her neck.

Doll Sculpt Name – Doll Chateau Lilian head + DC Y-body-05 +DC Heels
Full Name – Vivienne Brightwood
Meaning of Name – Lively
Nickname – Vivi, Gaga, Musey
Birth Date — 24.11.1994
Astrological Sign and Details — Sagittarius: Generous, Humorous, Friendly | Messy, Inconsistent, Impatient
Birth Place — United States, California, Ventura.
Age – 23
Nationality – United States
Race – High Elf
Hair Color – Originally platinum blonde, but she dies it tons of different colors whenever she likes.
Hair Style — She changes it very often, but it's almost always short, asymmetrical, with different dyed streaks, usually straight.
Shape and Features of Face — Pale eyebrows, strawberry shaped face, small eyes, round nose and thin lips.
Glasses or Contacts – Contacts sometimes, just for fashion.
Eye Color – Teal
Skin Tone — Very pale.
Scars or Distinguishing Marks — pink/salmon freckles on cheeks.
Disabilities — Her four feet don't adjust well in most everyday situations, as well as her horns.
Build or Body Type — Slender, thin, wide hips.
Height — 1,40 m
Weight — 65 kg
Speech Patterns — Says umm a lot, uses a lot of slangs and internet terms, brushes her hand against her horn or on one another. If bored, she plays with her hair. Her hands are usually all over, too.
Tag Words — Geek, Fashionista, Hair modification, Vegan
Gestures — She is constantly waving her hands, doing peace signs for photos, and doing heart shapes for her friends. Other than that, she is very delicate.
Weakness — She is kind of an air-head and sometimes her four feet or horns get her in very awkward situations.
Special Abilities or Powers — She can talk to animals, and has a weird connection with nature in general. She knows when it's gonna rain for real, it's an example.
Family and Childhood - Vivi had a pretty happy childhood, except for her stuggle at school. She spent years concealing herself with magic, but nowadays she isn't too scared of revealing herself. The only reason she does not go centaur all the time is she realises it's not pratical and might be dangerous.
Mother — Donna Jackson Brightwood, a Witch, born in the USA, used magic to protect herself and friends from the never understanding average human eye.
Father – 'Finn' (Finnegan) Hipolito Brightwood, a Horned Centaur. He was born in Canada, but moved to California when still a kid. He and his family run a Vet clinic ever since they came to the USA.
Mother’s Occupation – Witch, Vet. Nurse.
Father’s Occupation – Veterinarian Doctor.
Family Finances – Their finances are little above the average. They have enough for the 4 of them.
Birth Order – Donna, Finn, Vivienne.
Siblings – None.
Other Close Family – A younger cousin, Ada. She is very fond of everyone in her family, but the one she gets to see the most is her grandma from the mother's side, Angelique.
Best Friend – She had tons of friends everywhere she went, but none of them really close.
Other Friends – She has many internet friends whom she talks to a lot. They do videos, texts, photos and drawings for each other on a weekly basis.
Enemies — Only the haters of her blog.
Pets – She had some pets in her homeland, but where she lives now it's not all that great for pets, so she doesn't put them through that. She is friends of the dogs on the other apartments, though. If she could, she would have a Spitz dog.
Home Life During Childhood — Vivi had loving, but distant parents. She was open to interact and befriend anyone in school, but at that time she didn't have many friends. Once in a while she would get to meet her own kind an other types of creatures, and had a few friends from there too. Even though being very friendly, she was slow to actually be considered friends to someone.
Town or City Name – She lived in Ventura.
Details of Town or City — A coastal city in California. Her life was linked to the sea from the beggining and beaches are her main hangout.
Her Bedroom — It was sort of big, with little furniture but overdecorated. As she grew older, the more she would decore her bedroom with photos, posters, christmas lights, sticky notes with messages and inspirational phrases, stickers, glitter, and much more. She would draw zebra patterns, stars and other random stuff she thought was cute enough for her walls. She had even some feathers and other simple stuff hanging from the ceiling, but whenever her horns got caught in them, she would move them to somewhere else where hopefully it wouldn't bother her anymore.
Any Sports or Clubs – She once tried cheerleading, but failed, for it could reveal her natural form. So she joined the scrapbook club.
Favorite Toy or Game – She loves her pink overdecorated new 3DS, and she plays Animal Crossing a lot, she admits she is addicted. Other than that, she loves her animal plushies. Her favorite ones are a manatee called Memphis and a Giraffe called Berenice.
Schooling – She is in college now, doing Fashion Design. She decided to join so she could do better and more stylish clothes for her own kind.
Favorite Subject — 2D Visual studies. She loves to come up with new ideas for prints.
Popular or Loner – She is very popular by now. Vivienne has many friends and a few boys trying to get to know her better. Usually she goes to party with them and is very social, but she doesn't give in to the boys, she doesn't want a serious relationship now.
Important Experiences or Events – Everything for her is exciting, but nowadays her tests are the most important thing in her mind. Other than that she is really looking foward to go to the beach asap.
Health Problems – She is Hyperactive, and has miopia.
Culture — She is American, but she was really influrenced by the Mythical and and Magic aspect of her family. She hides it, though. She tends to separate the worlds just for safety.
Religion and beliefs – She decided not to be Wiccan like her mother, even though she believes in most of the Wiccan beliefs.
Bad Habits – Cursing, forgetting she is in disguise and getting trapped/tripping over things, being easily distracted, overdecorating things, addiction to spamming social media with photos full of stickers and filters, drifting away from people, eating too much candy.
Good Habits – Enjoying herself, enjoying nature, giving make-overs to friends, surfing, gifting friends out of kindness, being caring.
Best Characteristic – Her friendlyness.
Worst Characteristic – Her recklessness.
Worst Memory – When she saw a dog being stoned almost to death.
Best Memory – A day when she dived and swam with dolphins.
Proud of – Her looks, her creations.
Embarrassed by – How people find her to be too random and weird.
Driving Style – She is still taking lessons, she tries to drive very carefully, by relaxing before driving so she can concentrate better on the task.
Strong Points – Kind, Creative, Light-hearted.
Temperament – She is hyperactive and very friendly, but if conflict with one person comes, she tries to solve things by talk. If the conflict persists, she avoids the person at every cost, holding grudges for a while.
Attitude – Bubbly, fun loving, easy to get along, sassy.
Weakness – She better hide her true form, but sometimes when she is sleepy or drunk is really hard to. Other than that, sometimes she neighs while laughing. No one suspects, but her friends find it really funny. Her kind has a quarrel with Griffins, and while she doesn't think of them as negative, some of them don't look at her with good eyes.
Fears – She is really afraid that people don't really like her and lie about liking her, 'cause she is sort of an 'everybody's friend'. Also she is really afraid of serial killers and this sort of creepy pasta rumours.
Phobias – Athazagoraphobia, the fear of being ignored or forgotten. Also she is afraid of breaking her bones or horns, as it would be extremely painful and would be really hard to repair.
Secrets — Her bubblyness is actually a shield she built to protect herself from the negativity of the world. Also, her centaur form is a secret to all of her human friends (won't be a secret to Yuu for long). She has basic magic powers she hid from her mother and family, but her mother kind of suspects it.
Regrets — She regret having drifted away from some people, she also has some mixed feelings about having to hide herself, sometimes she regrets having trust other creatures so much.
Feels Vulnerable When — When her horns get stuck into something and she is afraid of injurying herself or breaking things. Also she hates to be alone in the streets past noon, as Vivi would rather be with friends.
Pet Peeves — She hates people who treats animals bad or spoils them too much it's risky. Other of her pet peeves is how her aunts kept suggesting her to become a witch. She said it should come naturally if it was to happen. Also she hates some taboos of the mythical world, such as the rivalry between Griffins and centaurs/horse like creatures.
Conflicts — She only has conflicts with some haters online, some envyous people at her college and the occasional monster that says she should never reveal herself ever!
Motivation — Her motivation is to make cute, stylish clothes for other mythical creatures, and leave her ideas to the fashion world.
Short Term Goals and Hopes — She wants to get her apartment new decorations, and a sewing machine.
Long Term Goals and Hopes — Vivi wants to have her own line of clothes, maybe join the Wicca, and maybe get a pet and a lover.
Sexuality — Bisexual, but pan-curious, she's still exploring.
Exercise Routine — She doesn't exercise much, except for surfing and going on walks in parks and woods.
Day or Night Person — Viv is a Mornign person, but she actually doesn't mind being awake late at all.
Introvert or Extrovert – Extrovert.
Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist
Likes and Styles - Parties, Photos, Animals, prints, stickers and other cute stuff. She dresses in very fun, modern and cute fashions. She tries out many styles, but her favorite aesthetics are Decora, Scene, and Pastel Goth. (Yes, she does know Pastel Goth is just a visual)
Music — She loves eletronic, pop, some favorites are Vocaloid (IA is her favorite) Panic!At the Disco, Kerli, Melanie Martinez, Marina and the Diamonds and Nightcored music.
Books — She doesn't read much, but she liked Harry Potter, Eragon and Silver String.
Magazines — She has many fashion magazines, even if she doesn't enjoy them all that much.
Foods — She loves candy, but has no trouble eating light food. She loves anything Red Berries flavoured. Her usual meal would be a strawberry and milk drink, a white cheese sandwich.
Drinks — She drinks anything, really. But only when she's with friends. She has a thing for Vodka with gooseberry and Abysinthe. She gets drunk sometimes, but doesn't actually like doing so.
Animals — She has none, but Vivienne wishes she could have a Spitz and a Horse named Baxter.
Sports — She likes surfing and other aquatic sports, but is casual about them, as she isn't athletic.
Social Issues — She unintentionally draws a lot of attention, so she has as many friends as people who envy-hate her, or fake a friendship. Also she sometimes is stalked by the occasional creppy dude.
Favorite Saying – Glitter is Better.
Color — She never decides on colors, so she random picks it. But most of her stuff has either pastel or vibrant colors.
Clothing – She likes to wear Scene, Decora and Pastel Goth styles. She loves creepy hair bling, cute sweaters or funny stamps tshirts, and frilly skirts or leggings. Most of her centaur clothes is frilly, though.
Jewelry — She is thinking about getting piercings, but nowadays she uses necklaces and bracelets mostly, and sometimes thin chains.
Games — She likes Animal Crossing, and other cute games like Splatoon.
Websites – She has a personal tumblr, a Instagram for her photos and Fashion stuff, and a Facebook. She uses skype only to talk to her family and friends back in the USA.
TV Shows – Vivi likes a few cartoons, like My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Sakura Card Captors. Her human friends shown her series, but she just didn't get their appeal.
Movies — She loves Ponyo a lot. Viv likes to watch movies when she is bored or wants to relax.
Greatest Want — She wants a pair of Creepers, as well as new clothes. As she says, she never has enough clothes. She also could use new plushies, her old ones are battered and spliting at the seams.
Greatest Need — She needs new furniture for her new penthouse. Also, she is running out of hairdye and hair extensions.
Where and How Does Your Character Live Now - In the same house as Yuu, Maxwell, Erisdar and Amandine.
Favorite Possession — She loves her Rarity tiny figure, she carries it in her pocket for extra confidence.
Most Cherished Possession — A pentagram given to her by her mom. Dahlia and her friends made a chain with sparkly teal shells for it, she wears it in her neck very happily.
Neighborhood — Her neighbors are kind to her, and she is kind to them too. Some of them are students just like her. She always lends a hand to take care of animals of her neighbors.
Town or City Name — São Paulo
Details of Town or City — It's the main comercial center of Brazil, it has many streets and malls dedicated to fashion, and many green areas, as well as good beaches for surfing.
Significant Other Before — She had a boyfriend once, when she was fourteen, but it didn't last a year. Also, she had a girlfriend before, it last almost three years, but they fell apart for the other girl had to move away. She sometimes misses her past lovers, and sometimes she feels lonely, but she knows this isn't time for a serious relationship.
Relationship with Family — She loves her family, but isn't very close to it, except for a few cousins and her Granny.
Best Friend — Her BFF is Amandine. They spend a lot of time taking pictures and giving make overs to each other.
Other Friends – She met Erisdar throught the internet, looking for a place to live, they met in a site where mythical creatures help each other find a place to live.
Enemies — She hates a girl in her class called Augusta. The both of them argued once and couldn't come to an agreement. But it's barely something noteworthy, they simply just avoid interaction.
Salary — Her family is financing her.
Other Income — She sells handmade tshirts on etsy.
Dream Career — Plans on making a career out of Fashion for Mythical creatures.
Dream Life — Vivi wants to have a nice house by the sea where she can be in touch with nature, just selling her clothes.
Love Life — She may even go out on dates that are super nice to her, but she is honest and from the start she states she doesn't want anything serious.
Sexual Turn Ons — She likes it when people scratch behind her horns, kiss her neck, and put their arms on her waist or run their fingers through her back.
Sexual Turn Offs — She doesn't like slaps, doesn't like when people pinch her boobs or butt, dislikes people that pull her horns, hates people that try and mount on her, belly-rubs.
Hobbies — Scrapbook, Taking Purikura-like pictures.
Guilty Pleasure — Eating grass, hitting annoying people with her horns when they're tangible yet invisible.
Sports or Clubs — Scrapbook club.
Talents or Skills — She likes to make sharpie illustrations (the ones she uses on the Tees she sells), and likes scrapbook-patchwork stuff.
Intelligence Level — She is above average, but a little air-headed.
Greatest Strength — Her Kind, light heart.
Greatest Weakness — Her clumsyness.
Biggest Achievements — Her style.
Trivia — She did have a crush on Yuu at one time, they tried something but decided to remain friends.
Vivienne gets furious when people treat her bad just because she is young.


Name - Amandine Chell Jolie
Doll Sculpt - Unoa Sist + Lusis
Hair/Eyes - Black Split Teal/Orange Eyes
Nicknames - Amanda, Dine
Age - 20
Origin - Noreply
Species - Demon
Gender - Cis Female
Sexuality - Demi
Quirks & features - Make magical unbreakable deals, teleportation, flight. Occult powers such as predicting the future, small illusions, and an alluring singing voice.

Doll Sculpt Name – Unoa Lusis and Sist, Elder Sister Body

Full Name – Amandine Chell Jolie

Meaning of Name – Much loved, Pretty

Nickname – Amanda, Dine, Jooj

Birth Date – 01.07.1991

Astrological Sign and Details – Cancer: Helpful, Compassionate, Patient | Hypersensitive, Suspicious, Insecure

Birth Place – Katsuki, Noreply

Age – 20

Nationality – Mardira Bincusa, the valley lands of Noreply.

Race – Demon

Hair Color – Black and Teal

Hair Style – Straight and Long (reaches her elbows),V cut bangs, and split color

Shape and Features of Face – Small chin, big smile, round relaxed eyes and round small nose.

Glasses or Contacts – She uses glasses just for fashion. Doesn't like contacts.

Eye Color – Orange

Skin Tone – Peachy Pale

Scars or Distinguishing Marks – She has tattoos on her shoulders

Disabilities – None

Build or Body Type – Tiny and skinny, with slightly wide hips.

Height – 1,60m

Weight – 70 kg

Speech Patterns – Usually talks very calmly, with a soft tone to the voice. Upon distress she stutters and whispers, only shouting if it's to use magic or attack someone.

Gestures – Usually rests her head in her hands, often touches her hands or face when talking to people. When idle, she plays with her fingers, twirling them around.

Weakness – Sun, holy water, banishing rituals.

Special Abilities or Powers – Make magical unbreakable deals, teleportation, flight. Occult powers such as predicting the future, small illusions, and an alluring singing voice.

Best Friend – PamPam, Vivienne, Erisdar, Yuu and Maxwell.

Enemies – Her family

Pets – The little bull spirit, Faramitara

Favorite Toy or Game – Pacman, Yoyos, Putty, and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Schooling – Basic Noreplyan Schooling System: Basic Math, English, Portuguese and French, Ciences, Piano, Home Economy

Favorite Subject – Languages

Popular or Loner – Popular in her little circle.

Important Experiences or Events – When she learned to mix magic, potions and food.

Health Problems – Fragile Bones

Bad Habits – Chewing on her lip, venting to plants, overusing social media, too much caffeine

Good Habits – Always Hydratated, likes cooking with natural ingredients

Best Characteristic – Her nurturing and soft behavior, her tranquility, how she only uses her energy for good.

Worst Characteristic – How she can isolate herself or turn the situation into her favor if she finds difficult to talk about something.

Best Memory – When the Circus came to town, and she held the hand of the one she loved.

Worst Memory – When the Circus left the town, without her.

Proud of – Her sugar n butter cookies, telepathic spells.

Embarrassed by – Knowing way too much about her friend's intimate matters.

Driving Style – She rarely drives, but it's very careful when doing so. Would rather drive with company.

Strong Points – Her tranquility, her influence on the internet, her knowledge about plants, food and magic.

Temperament – Amandine has lots of Patience, even a bit too much with things that don't deserve her time. But once her patience is over, nothing can stop her.

Attitude – Friendly and shy, caring. But also a bit sassy and excited among her friends.

Weakness – Flirting, people that smell nice or sound nice.

Fears – Fears of being betrayed or forgotten.

Phobias – None, but is squeamish around needles.

Secrets – She wants to go back to her birthplace to see if she can find the Circus girl, she loves the boys she lives with but sometimes has mixed filing about them all, sometimes she wants to give up her life and become 100% a boudless demon.

Regrets – Not leaving her birthplace sooner.

Feels Vulnerable When – When she can't defuse a fight, when she can't take care of herself.

Pet Peeves – When people leave the toilet open or with the seat up, when food goes to waste, when people don't listen to her.

Conflicts – Sometimes her peaceful nature clashes with Maxwell's booming nature. She is also conflicted about leaving behind her family, even if they were horrible to her, she still has a lingering sense of duty.

Motivation – Coming back to Noreply with her newfound family, and finally find a place where she belongs.

Short Term Goals and Hopes – She wants to reach 10k Instagram followers, and buy a new tea set.

Long Term Goals and Hopes – A small cottage in Mardira Bincusa with a huuuge garden, having a familiar.

Sexuality – She crushes easily, but she's Demiromantic/ Demisexual.
Exercise Routine – She usually just meditates or does Yoga with Yuu.

Day or Night Person – She can wake up early like it's nothing, but usually a night owl.

Introvert or Extrovert – Introvert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Pessimist.

Music – She loves Lofi, Retromix, and Vocaloid. She usually sings along to anime songs.

Books – Amandine loves webcomic and smut/fluff/angst fanfic, but she'll never admit the latter.

Foods – She loves baked goods, fruits and herbs. Her favorite food is slated caramel fudge. Aside from this, her favorite dish is Broccoli pie.

Drinks – Tea, Juice, smoothies, usually fruit based drinks. Her favorite is berry tea with lemonade.

Animals – She loves animals and generally gets along with most of them. Some of them get scared of her because they know she's not human, others just know she's a good person anyway.

Sports – She isn't big on sports, but used to play table tennis with her siblings.

Social Issues – Amandine is usually cast aside for not being an extrovert, but she doesn't care. She can get super sad when people lie or badmouth her on her back though.

Favorite Saying – "Haste makes waste", "Bakind is love made edible"

Color – Her favorite colors are teal and orange, thought she loves a lot of the blue/green spectrum and black.

Clothing – She usually likes comfortable dresses, flowy fabrics. She also likes to try out alternative fashions, like Strega, Mori and Kei.

Jewelry – She likes chokers and sometimes, bracelets.

Websites – She has a twitter, a Instagram and a Pinterest.

TV Shows – Her favorite shows are cartoons, her absolute favorite being Steven Universe.

Movies – Her favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, but she also loves Pratical Magic.

Geatest Want – A Retro kitchen and a better garden.

Greatest Need – New shoes and some time to relax.

Actual Residence - The House Yuu, Vivienne, Max and Erisdar share.

Room — Her room is super comfortable with a box type queen mattress. She sleep with only a duvet, but tons of plushies. She has a reading corner and a super aesthetically organized desk.

Favorite Possession – Her cellphone and Enemy Tears case, and her Aggretsuko plushie.

Love Life – She's Erisdar's Moirail, and is Yuu's and Max's Auspicites. Sometimes her feelings for them shift a bit but she knows she loves them.

Hobbies – Mobile and Retro gaming, Steam sales, Baking, Instagram scrapbooking

Guilty Pleasure – Laughing at the troubles her friends get themselves into after she just advised them not to, being pampered by them.

Talents or Skills – She's a good singer, also very fast with her hands and has a very flexible body.

Intelligence Level – Amandine has a vast knowledge about things of her interest, and is completely oblivious to everything else.

Greatest Strength – Her willpower, her sense of identity on keepint things calm.

Greatest Weakness – How she's never sure people really love her, and how once something gets to her, it's hard to recover.

Health Problems – None.

Biggest Mistakes – How she dealt with her familiar problems, and how once she realized that place had nothing for her, she hesitated in fleeing.

Biggest Achievements – How even with her roots on the wind, she's still skilled and full of empathy.

Trivia – Her Extended Zodiac is Cango the Brazen, Space + Prospit. She was once a Pullip Doll.